Sugar-White Sand, Straight from the Appalachian Mountains

The Alabama Gulf Coast boasts an incredible 32-mile stretch of sugar-white sand, attracting millions of visitors to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach every year. Anyone who’s had the opportunity to walk our beautiful beaches knows that the sand is super soft and gives an audible squeak as you sink your toes in.

If you’ve been to other beaches around the country, you’ve probably noticed the difference between our sugar-white sand and the coarser sands you’ll find lining the shores at other locales. What makes our sand so special? No, it didn’t cascade down from the heavens, although it does seem that way.

The secret to our sugar-white sand dates back more than 12,000 years ago. Around this time, the Ice Age was coming to an end. Melting glaciers deposited white quartz from the Appalachian Mountains into the Gulf of Mexico. These pure-white quartz particles are the makings of the sugar-white sand that our beaches are known and loved for.

Our white quartz mineral sand is ultrafine and free of heavier minerals like titanium that produce coarser sand of a darker color. The absence of heavy materials from our sand also contributes to the color and clarity of our glittering gulf waters. So the next time you enjoy a sweeping beach view from the balcony of your Brett/Robinson rental, be sure to thank the Appalachian Mountains for our sugar-white sand and turquoise water.