Diving Locations in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

The Alabama Gulf Coast is a prime destination for all things aquatic adventure. The glittering teal waters of the gulf are well suited for a variety of watersports, and people flock to the region every year to take part. Surfing, boating and paddleboarding only scratch the surface – figuratively and literally – when it comes to water play. Much of the fun is to be had beneath the blue.

Alabama Diving Locations

A marine biodiversity hub, this coastal area enjoys optimal sunshine and low winds during the warmer months, making it the perfect place to dive. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach boast several diving hotspots with the right conditions and ample opportunity to admire marine life. Several local charters are well equipped to take you on your next diving adventure. Be sure to include the following diving locations in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach on your vacation itinerary.

Scuba divingThe LuLu
Located 17 miles offshore from Perdido Pass, the LuLu is a great diving locale for both amateurs and experts. The LuLu is a retired freighter that the Alabama Gulf Coast Reef & Restoration Foundation purposely sunk in 2013 to serve as an artificial reef. This captivating wreck spans 271 feet and is positioned perfectly on the ocean floor.

Captain Shirley Brown Memorial Reef
Commemorating its namesake, the Capt. Shirley Brown Memorial Reef is the second intentionally sunken vessel deployed by the Alabama Gulf Coast Reef & Restoration Foundation. Spanning 128 feet, the ship is located about 13 nautical miles south of Perdido Pass.

Scuba Diving Location in Gulf ShoresPoseidon’s Playground
Located 3.5 miles from the Orange Beach coast and about 40 feet below the surface, Poseidon’s Playground is the perfect diving spot for beginners and young divers to get their feet wet. This underwater playground features statues of Poseidon, Apollo and Venus, popular figures from Greek mythology. The deities are joined by small statues of triggerfish and dolphins, making the whole setup reminiscent of a whimsical aquarium.

USS Oriskany
Of course, the Great Barrier Reef is in Australia, but you’ll find the Great Carrier Reef about 22 miles south of Pensacola. A veteran war vessel, the USS Oriskany is the largest artificial reef in the world. The former aircraft carrier was sunk in 2006 and serves as a home for a vast variety of marine life. The ‘Mighty O,’ as it was known, is a great destination for experienced divers, underwater photographers and videographers.