The Frank Brown Songwriter’s Festival is Coming to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

Do you ever wonder how some of your favorite musical artists got their start, or what they were like before they became famous? If time travel were possible, it would be pretty cool to go back in time and see some of today’s famous performers when they were just getting their feet wet in the music industry. Obviously that’s not a possibility, but the next best thing would be to see future music super stars getting their start today, and one of the best settings for this scenario is coming up next month: the Frank Brown International Songwriter’s Festival.

This event is taking place from November 10th to 20th at different venues in and around Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. You’ll get to hear songwriters of all types—from brand new up-and-coming artists to Grammy award-winning songwriters—perform their works in live concerts. It’s a fun event to attend, and you never know—you may witness one of the first performances of tomorrow’s most popular musician.

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