Beach Hack: Cornstarch

Cornstarch is one of the most versatile kitchen staples known to humankind. Cornstarch isn’t just a thickening agent for your favorite soup or sauce. It’s a bug bite treatment, natural cleaner, sunburn soother – my niece even tells me cornstarch is used to replicate acrylic nails at a fraction of the cost! For me, cornstarch is best used at the beach. You might be surprised to find that cornstarch is the solution to the beach day’s most pesky problem: the sand.

Cornstarch Beach Hack

Sand is one of those things, like lint or glitter, that just never seems to come off. You can shake your towels out violently. You can brush yourself off for minutes at a time. But short of dousing yourself in water, you’re probably going to have residual sand sticking to your skin and traveling back with you after your beach day. Fortunately, you can remedy a sandy skin situation with a little bit of cornstarch.

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Here’s how it works:

If you can’t seem to get sand off your hands before you eat, if your hair is full of grains, or if you’re struggling to get uncomfortable granules from between your toes, just apply a generous amount of cornstarch to the affected area and watch the sand fall away.

Basically, sand sticks to your skin and hair because moisture keeps it there. Cornstarch absorbs the moisture, removing the sand’s bonding agent. Therefore, once you apply cornstarch to the sandy area, the sand will shake right off. You can get cornstarch from most convenience stores for a dollar or two. It’s a small, inexpensive beach bag investment that makes all the difference!