Gulf Fishing Trips, Golf Outings, and Baby Sea Turtles Would Make Great Videos

If you owned a Jazz Video Camera, what would you video in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach? No it’s not a completely random question. In fact, considering how much I would love to own a Jazz Video Camera, this is a pretty important question to me.

It’s part of Brett/Robinson’s Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Video Wish contest—answer the question and you’re entered for a chance to win the camera. Pretty easy, right?

The challenging part is trying to pick one thing I’d like to record with a video camera. A Gulf fishing trip would be pretty cool to catch on camera, or maybe I could record my view during a parasailing adventure. It could also be fun to film my friends and myself while playing some Gulf Shores & Orange Beach golf. (Maybe someone could even catch me on camera hitting the drive of my life…or the shank of my life.) Something nature-related would make a good video too—like a dolphin sighting out in the Gulf or newly hatched baby sea turtles making their way to the water.

So many options, and just a little bit of time left to decide—the contest ends on October 31st!