Winter Golf Packages

Golf is the best pastime no matter what time of year. I can think of several benefits of playing golf in each season. For winter, I can think of two main reasons: the weather and the deals.

Yes, I said the weather. I enjoy playing in the cooler weather—such a change from summer’s heat. And the “cold” weather along Alabama’s Gulf Coast doesn’t compare to what people experience further north. I’ll take 50 over 15 any day!

Then there are the deals, particularly Brett/Robinson’s lower rates on golf vacation packages. The two sample packages they offer—the Masters and Championship golf packages—quote the lowest per person/per night rates during winter ($100 for the Masters package and $86 for the Championship package). Even if you don’t love winter, you have to love those prices!

Of course, you can also customize your golf package to fit your specific vacation. Just visit the Brett/Robinson website for more information.