Enjoy a sunset sail

Sunset sailing excursionsWant to see the Alabama coast from a different viewpoint? Love feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your face? Maybe a sailing excursion during your next beach vacation is just the ticket.

We love sailing, so venturing out while on the coast is a favorite activity for our family. We’ve taken several different excursions and enjoyed each experience. After all, when you’re sailing, you’re guided by the wind and seas. Every outing is different, each one a unique adventure.

Back Bay Sailing Adventures in Orange Beach has an experienced, attentive captain and crew. They often allow passengers a chance to steer for a little bit. Watching dolphins is typically part of the experience – during our sail with Back Bay, we saw several of these graceful creatures.

Sunset Sail

Sail Wild Hearts, also located in Orange Beach, offers wonderful journeys to satisfy a variety of preferences. For example: After a sail in the Gulf of Mexico, the boat heads back into the bay to allow passengers time to snorkel, paddleboard or kayak. My family enjoyed a Blue Angels sail with this crew and had an absolute blast being on the water right below those mighty military jets.

Sailing excursions are fun for the whole family, but a sunset sail also creates a romantic little getaway for my wife and me.

There are other charter companies as well, but these are the two we’ve sailed with the most. Check them out next time you’re on the coast. You can be as active – or as relaxed – as you’d like.