Thunder on the Gulf or Shrimp Festival: Which to Choose?

So I have a decision to make: go to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach this weekend, just for the weekend (Friday and Saturday night), or spend several days down there next week during fall break.

Two different friends have invited me to tag along with their families on these trips. If I go this weekend, I don’t have to wait as long—I get to leave Friday after school, stay in a Phoenix X condo for the weekend, and come home on Sunday evening. I’d also get to see all the Thunder on the Gulf action—and I’m having a hard time saying no to that! Plus, my friend’s dad has said he’ll take us out on a deep sea fishing trip Saturday morning.

Another friend’s family is spending fall break on the Gulf next week. If I go with them, I get a longer vacation—Wednesday through Sunday. They’re staying at Island Winds East, which is a good location for the National Shrimp Festival going on next week. So I’d get to stay longer and enjoy the Shrimp Festival festivities.

My parents will only let me go on one trip, so what to do—the nearly immediate weekend trip full of Gulf activity, or the longer fall break trip and Shrimp Festival? Perhaps I should take a crash course with my school’s debate team and formulate a convincing argument to persuade my parents to allow both trips!