What’s Your Favorite Golf Course?

Generally, I’m not a fan of voting. I do it—but I don’t enjoy the politics and decision-making that go along with it. The thought that we have to go through another presidential election next year is already causing me stress.

So I find it a little amusing that I’ve started obsessing over the voting feature on OrangeBeachToday.com. Specifically, I noticed that all the golf course listings on the Golf page have a “vote” button next to them. (Pretty much every page on the site has this button—next to restaurants, attractions, fishing charters…) So now I’m trying to figure out which course I’d vote for—which one I like the best.

I’ve played them all, and they’re all excellent. Kiva Dunes is a top choice, with its scenicbeauty and Gulf-side location. Rock Creek also has some amazing scenery, with its marshland hazards. Then there are those little unique qualities of each course, like the mango-scented ice-cold towels at Cotton Creek and the chilled apples at Peninsula Golf & Racquet Club.

So many excellent choices, so many factors to weigh. Guess I’ll have to get a group together for a Gulf Shores & Orange Beach golf vacation to make this decision.