Fishing in the Gulf Beats Fishing in a Pond

I had the opportunity to go fishing with family over the weekend, something I haven’t done in a very long time. We all gathered at my parents’ house for the day. My parents’ neighborhood has this nice pond, and someone came up with the idea of fishing in the pond.

It was really nice idea, but there was one big problem: the pond didn’t seem to have any actual fish. My mom was insistent that fish do live in this pond, but we were out there for a good two or three hours and no one got so much as a nibble.

It was fine—we all had a good time just being together and laughing about the fish-less pond. But it’s left me with a strong desire to go fishing—real fishing, with a group of people.

So now I’m thinking that a group trip to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach for some (real) fishing is in order. With several charters and marinas available, the options down there are limitless: deep sea fishing, inshore fishing, fishing off the Gulf State Park Pier, or simply surf fishing right off the beach.

I believe it’s time to book a Brett/Robinson fishing package, if I can get everyone on board (excuse the pun).