Brittany blog: Four of my favorite beach activities


Brittany here, filling in for Uncle Bob and loving this coastal vacation at our Orange Beach condo! We come every summer and have a blast!

BR blog July 17 brittany

In fact, I thought I would share some of my favorite beach activities with you.

The first thing I do when we get to the condo is change into a swimsuit and hit the beach! I keep it simple – my towel, some bottled water, sunscreen and iPhone are all I take with me. And that is all I need. A tip: Make sure you put the sunscreen on early and often! You do not want to burn on your first day – it makes the rest of the week a little miserable.

Another activity I love while in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is the shopping. I am living for that! Love The Wharf, surf stores at the beach, those shops by the Original Oyster House and Pelican Place! I can spend all day in an accessories store. (Well, not all day – I don’t want to miss my beach time. But you get what I am saying.)

Third on my list is simple: Riding go-karts at The Track. Do I really need to explain why?

Last, but not least: the restaurants! Anywhere we go has incredible food! Of course, there is a lot of seafood, but the places are fun, too, with live music, big patios outside . . . and some even have games to play while the adults sit around and talk.

All in all, a beach vacation is a blast. Everyone should go to the Alabama Gulf Coast as often as possible!