There Are Several Ways to Enjoy a Gulf Boating Excursion

I had forgotten just how fun boats can be. I’ve been on several fishing charters over the last few years, but that’s been the extent of my boating experiences.

Recently, I found an old picture of a kid parasailing over the Gulf—it took me a moment to realize it was me. I had almost forgotten that I’d ever been parasailing! I’ve decided I must do it again—and maybe even try a few other boating activities.

Fortunately, Gulf Shores & Orange Beach has many options when it comes to boats and cruises. One option is to keep it simple and calm—look for dolphins on a dolphin cruise, or just explore the coastal and underwater sea life. Sunset dinner cruises are also popular and create an ideal dining atmosphere. Or if you really want to pamper yourself at sea, book an overnight trip aboard a motor yacht.

For those looking for a little more action, some cruises offer snorkeling and kayaking—fun activities for sure, but I think parasailing wins the prize for most exciting. I’ll be trying them all this summer!