How Your Vacation Can Help Those in Need

It’s always touching to see people reaching out to help other people, especially when tragedy hits so close to home. It’s been not quite a week since the devastating tornado outbreak, and already there have been so many efforts to help those affected. I’ve seen (and made) direct donations, rounded-up change on grocery bills with the extra going toward storm relief efforts, and now Brett/Robinson is getting involved, as the company has stated that a portion of the sale of all June vacations booked by May 20th will be donated to help the victims of the recent storms.

It’s a gesture to really feel good about, especially if you’re the one making the reservation—it’s another way to help. If you’re looking for other ways to contribute, a 20% discount also applies to June reservations—perhaps that saved money could also be donated to those in need.

Every contribution counts, and I’m sure the individuals impacted could use all the helpthey can get. Here’s hoping that concerted efforts will bring them happier days.