Vacation Time–What’s for Dinner?

The big family reunion is coming up this summer, and there’s one hot topic that has everyone debating: food. Food is a big issue in my family, especially when it comes to vacation. No one wants to cook, but no one can agree on where to eat out either.

This year we have the perfect plan. We’re alternating between eating in and eating out each night. A different person has to cook on the nights we eat in (taking advantage of the excellent kitchen situation in our Brett/Robinson beach house rental). And a different person gets to pick the restaurant on the nights we eat out. This way everyone gets a say in where we eat, and no one has to cook more than once. (As vacation coordinator, I’ve already laid claim to hamburgers and French fries for my cooking night.)

This should make for some good dinners out—we all have different tastes, and there is so much dining variety in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. I’m definitely picking seafood for my night out, as will at least one or two others in my family—how can you visit the Gulf and not eat seafood? There are plenty of options to choose from—I may have to petition for an extra night to choose!