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The National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores

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The Annual National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama, on October 8th to 11th, is full of fun! There's music, dancing, contests, races, art, and of course, shrimp. There's no reason not to attend this event during your stay at our Gulf Shores rentals!

The official music lineup for this year's Alabama Shrimp festival is amazing as usual, and includes artists like Dr. Zarr's Amazing Funk Monster and The Tip Tops Artist in the past have included Miranda Lambert, Leann Womack, Lou Garmm, Loy GrammEddie Money, Blackjack Billy, and Everclear, just to name a few!

On October 10th you can participate in the Sand Sculpture Contest and win up to $100. Registration happens on the day of, so there's no need to reserve a spot, however, you might want to start thinking of ideas for your sculpture!

The Annual National Shrimp Festival also hosts a 10k race and a 5k race. All the net proceeds from these races will be donated to the Coastal Baldwin Education Enrichment Foundation, which will benefit the local Gulf Shores and Orange Beach public schools.

Your choices for viewing and buying art at The Annual National Shrimp Festival are huge, because artists and craftsman travel from all over the world just for this event! In addition to seeing these smaller vendors, there is also a section of the festival for the fine arts, which will allow you to feel like you are walking through a high-end art gallery and allow you to meet any artist whose work is on display.

Don't worry - this festival isn't just for grown-ups! The Gulf Shores Shrimp Festival provides so many fun activities for children, so don't leave the kids at home! Arts, crafts, games, and entertainment are just a few of the supervised activities for the kiddos.

And of course, SHRIMP! You'll try fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, your favorite shrimp dish from last year, or a new shrimp dish just for this year. You'll be thankful your Gulf Shores condo or Orange Beach rental is so close for a quick nap after your fill of shrimp. Each year the chefs challenge each other to create the festival's best dish, so let's just let you be the judge of that! Besides shrimp, the festival also offers a variety of other seafood options and even options that aren't seafood, but whatever you do don't forget to save some room for dessert.

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