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Royal Palms

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Whether you're an expert fisherman or simply a beach lover, Royal Palms in Alabama's Eastern Gulf Shores is the perfect getaway spot. The condo complex is only a few hundred yards from the state fishing pier, making it the perfect location to catch your own dinner. For those who would rather have others do the fishing, visit any of the nearby seafood restaurants. The fish is so fresh, it was often in the Gulf just that morning.

The Royal Palms is the perfect vacation spot for any time of year. It's amazing outdoor pool connects seamlessly with its heated indoor one, so you can relax in the water even on chilly nights. If that's not enough heat, you can always slip into the hot tub or steam in the sauna directly on the property.

One that that helps the Royal Palms stand out from all the other resorts in the area is its incredible view. The Royal Palms sits directly on the beach, and the view to the East is completely unobstructed. Every morning, guests can see the silhouette of birds against the sunrise.

Moreover, the resort is adjacent to Gulf State Park, a pristine, undeveloped, three mile beach with the public fishing pier. This location is unparalleled in the Gulf Shores, and you're sure to find everything you want at the Royal Palms.

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Building Amenities

  • Outdoor pools and showers
  • Private balconies
  • Wireless internet
  • Parking
  • On-site beach access

1 Bed 2 Bath Sleeps 6

Room #: RoyPm-1207 (Floor 12)

1 Bed 2 Bath Sleeps 6

Room #: RoyPm-1302 (Floor 13)

1 Bed 2 Bath Sleeps 5


Room #: RoyPm-1404 (Floor 14)

1 Bed 2 Bath Sleeps 6

Room #: RoyPm-502 (Floor 5)

2 Bed 2 Bath Sleeps 6

Room #: RoyPm-708 (Floor 7)